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You're a master thief in this ambient atmospheric furry stealth game.

You sneak past any guard, pick any lock, break into and steal from any secured building.

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Create a new character and choose your initial skills. Play as a bunny, red panda or a cat. Upgrade your skills over time and expand your Thieves Guild by completing objectives and increasing your guild

Advanced guards see, hear, speak and react with facial expressions. They can re-light lights, revive unconscious guards, become aware of your position and give chase. Fleeing is a viable option.

Observe patrols from windows and shadows. Prepare the best plan. There are lots of possible approaches.

Extinguish lights, ghost and remain unseen in shadows.

Distract guards with noises and suspicious extinguished lights.

Or stalk and ambush targets from the darkness with your blackjack. Drag and hide their unconscious bodies in shadows.

Trap guards with sabotage and have them fall into their own traps.

Explore dark cities with different buildings, from smaller private and public places to large temples and mansions.

The player and guards can manipulate a dynamic shadow and light system, which can be used for strategic advantages and survival.

dynamic ambient soundtrack changes depending on player location and guard awareness.

The game has 4k resolution support and re-bindable mouse + keyboard controls.

Gameplay tip

Extinguishing lights is another way to distract guards, as they will break patrol and take a moment to re-light extinguished candles.

Multiple game modes

Non-linear simulation-style stealth missions
Open stealth missions with many ways to reach objectives.

Arcade-style challenge levels with collectibles and star rankings
Puzzle-like stealth levels inspired by classic stealth games.

Card Mini-Games
Multiple card mini-games inspired by triple triad and acromage.

Custom Game
Play your favorite kind of stealth levels at any time.

Level Editor
Create and play your own stealth levels with an easy to use level editor.


Move - Game pad, Arrow keys or WASD
Create distraction - A button or Enter key
Toggle run / sneak and drag guards - B button or Space key
Open doorpick lockambush, sabotage and hide - Automatic when near the target


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Version 1.4.0