A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

You're a master thief in this ambient atmospheric furry stealth game.

You sneak past any guard, pick any lock, break into and steal from any secured building.

The full game features:

  • 5 additional level types:
    • a larger temple with traps that can be sabotaged, with a new optional goal to trap a guard
    • a huge mansion with the goal to retrieve an artifact from that mansion
    • a town with various buildings and goals
    • a larger free roaming city
    • and a final mission
  • 30 stealth puzzles + 90 missions
  • 9 unlockable character skins
  • no limit on raising skill levels
  • a fully functional level editor
  • an additional mini-game
  • no limit on replaying mini-games

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Version 1.4.0 "Items" (31-01-2022):

  • Added inventory quick slots for items
  • Added flashbomb items to temporarily blind guards
  • Added tutorial for inventory quick slots

Version 1.3.0 "Contracts" (06-08-2022):

  • Mission board with contracts and player statistics
  • Double XP and gold reward for remaining undetected during missions
  • Improved distractions with clear visible radius and slight guard action delay
  • Heartbeat style controller vibrations as guards become more aware
  • New stealth puzzle level 2, introducing basic stealth tactics
  • NPCs and guards now have moving mouths when they talk

Version 1.2.0 "Ghost" (19-07-2022):

  • Shadow form, making it very clear when a player is hidden in shadows
  • Higher contrast colorful graphics
  • Full-screen player visibility in missions
  • In-game hints
  • Special rewards for completing missions with either 100% guard knockouts and 100% undetected stealth

Version 1.1.0 "Freedom" (13-06-2022):

  • Added stealth XP rewards for exploring and creative ways to deal with guards
  • Forgiving guards with additional feedback to players when they can see the player
  • Even when caught, players keep their mission rewards and achievements, but must bribe the guard with stolen gold as a penalty
  • Character proportion improvements

Version 1.0.5 "Steam" (26-05-2022):

  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to switch between different guilds
  • Fixed wrong amount of guards in some missions
  • New bonus objectives: "keep lights on" and "no distractions"
  • Re-balanced gold prices for skills and shops
  • Re-balanced rank progression
  • Fixed player, guard and icon animation glitches
  • Removed city guards from rank 2 Village missions, they are introduced in later Town and City missions
  • Added more space between beds, so they don't block player and guard paths
  • On mission failure, player keeps half the stolen gold
  • Increase mini-games difficulty and gold reward as player rank goes up
  • Removed sleeping guards from rank 2 missions to make them easier
  • Added an animated star rating at the end of a challenge level
  • Replaced field of view with shader to avoid black screens on some hardware
  • Removed building line of sight to make missions easier

Version 0.7.5 "Skills" (13-03-2022):

  • Skill upgrades: stealthiness, action speed, sight distance and movement speed
  • Ranks: the guild expands with addition rooms and options as the player rank increases
  • Stealth progression from arcade-style MSG stealth to simulation-style Thief stealth
  • Shadow invisibility, but lights trigger immediate guard alerts
  • All new levels with larger non-linear buildings
  • Custom Game menu option: play challenges, community levels and select custom mission goals
  • Level editor for community levels
  • Collectable coins and star ratings for challenge levels

Version 0.5.1 "Escape" (07-11-2021):

  • New intro scene
  • New first mission: escape the building
  • Weather effects: rain, fireflies (mist is disabled)
  • Audio and tile-set improvements

Version 0.4.1 "Traps" (31-10-2021):

  • New tutorial: sabotage a trap
  • New mission 3 objective: sabotage a trap and trap the target guard
  • Bonus objectives
  • New hiding places: barrels and closets
  • Improved guard knock-out tutorial
  • Toggle fullscreen and window mode
  • Apple M1 support for macOS

Version 0.3.1 "Mini-Games" (18-10-2021):

  • New mini-game: Lion's Share, inspired by Final Fantasy 8 Triple Triad
  • New mini-game: Fortify, inspired by Might & Magic Arcomage
  • Three new original songs for guild and mini-games
  • Improved tutorials with better feedback, resets and guard knockout
  • Improvements like reward animations and character shadows

Version 0.2.0 "The Guild" (29-04-2021):

  • New starting level hub: a friendly Thieves Guild
  • New mission 2 objective: Kidnap a Guard
  • Buy maps, guard locations and distractions with stolen gold
  • 8 new character variations (12 characters total)
  • Improved performance in "No Lights" mode
  • Many tweaks and bug fixes

Version 0.1.2 "Guards" (14-03-2021):

  • New option "No lights" for improved performance
  • Gamepad / controller support in menus and in-game
  • City guards
  • Sleeping guards
  • Improved resumable lockpicking


Advanced guards see, hear, speak and react with facial expressions. They can re-light lights, revive unconscious guards, become aware of your position and give chase. Fleeing is a viable option.

Observe patrols from windows and shadows. Prepare the best plan. There are lots of possible approaches.

Extinguish lights, ghost and remain unseen in shadows.

Distract guards with noises and suspicious extinguished lights.

Or stalk and ambush targets from the darkness with your blackjack. Drag and hide their unconscious bodies in shadows.

Trap guards by sabotage and have them fall into their own traps.

Explore dark cities with different buildings, from smaller private and public places to large temples and mansions.

The player and guards can manipulate a dynamic shadow and light system, which can be used for strategic advantages and survival.

dynamic ambient soundtrack changes depending on player location and guard awareness.

The game has 4k resolution support and re-bindable mouse + keyboard controls.

Gameplay tip

Extinguishing lights is another way to distract guards, as they will break patrol and take a moment to re-light extinguished candles.

Multiple game modes

Open missions
Open city levels with many ways to reach objectives, inspired by Thief.

Puzzle Challenges
Puzzle-like stealth levels inspired by Metal Gear Solid VR Missions.

Card Mini-Games
Multiple card mini-games inspired by Final Fantasy 8 Triple Triad and Might & Magic Acromage.


Move - Game pad, Arrow keys or WASD
Create distraction - A button or Enter key
Toggle run / sneak and drag guards - B button or Space key
Open door, pick lock, ambush, sabotage and hide - Automatic when near the target

Updated 6 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
GenreSimulation, Survival
Made withGodot
TagsAtmospheric, Crime, Cute, Dark Fantasy, Exploration, Furry, Nonlinear, Sandbox, Stealth
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls, Interactive tutorial


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The .exe file is for Windows.
The .x86_64 file is for Linux.

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