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You're a fox in this cute, funny, nature-themed brick-breaker game with a twist! Explore, discover and rescue its animal friends in 21 colorful, non-linear levels with an auto-map. Bounce or rotate your ball. Destroy or avoid cute obstacles. Levels are uniquely generated and highly replayable. Awoo!

You play as a fox with a powerful paw in this pong / breakout exploration game! Its animal friends have been captured and hidden by cute kawaii wildlife. You must explore through various arkanoid style nature environments, discover hidden pathways and rescue animals. As you explore and discover new locations, an auto-map will keep track of all previously discovered locations and pathways.

Explore through different colorful nature environments. Each environment has unique enemies and obstacles that you can either avoid or destroy. Be careful though. Some enemies are better avoided!

To aid you in your quest, you can either use your paw to bounce your ball into the direction you want, or use rotation keys to rotate and steer the ball in any direction. This will give you a greater amount of control over the ball.

The game features 21 themed open levels, progressing from smaller relaxing environments to larger more dangerous and surprising environments. The game creates unique levels every time you play. No play-through is ever the same twice. Whenever you retry a level, the game will present a new unique level that might be slightly easier or more difficult.

The game supports multiple play styles with mouse-only, keyboard-only or a combined mouse + keyboard with customizable keys.


  • open exploration in all directions
  • high replayability - the game creates unique levels every time you play
  • progress through 21 levels with different themes such as forest, haunt, snow and desert
  • mouse-only, keyboard-only or combined mouse + keyboard controls
  • re-mappable controls - arrow keys,  WSAD or customized controls
  • 4k resolution support


  • mouse-only: move left / right + scroll wheel
  • keyboard-only: arrows keys or WSAD or custom re-mappable controls
  • combined keyboard + mouse: mouse movements and keyboard up / down keys


foxpaww_demo_v1_3_6.zip 95 MB

Install instructions

This game has a stand-alone executable. Save files are shared by both demo and full versions of this game. Thank you for playing, please enjoy!

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