v1.2.2 - 8-direction ball movement, critical bug prevention and improvements

Update for FoxPaww v1.2.2 "Challenge Mode"

With this update, I attempt to address most complaints I've read about bugs and frustrations in the game.

if I missed any bugs, please let me know. I will find and fix them in the next patch. Larger new features will be released in a later major update.

  • Feature : Ball can be moved in 8 directions with rebindable WSAD movement keys
  • Critical : Camera and ball are no longer allowed to leave the level area if that happens for any reason
  • Improvement : Disabled options menu popping up when the mouse leaves the game area
  • Improvement : Auto-skip level success, level failure and tutorial animations after a time-out
  • Improvement : Replaced parallel timers with linear timers for improved stability and reliability
  • Improvement: Mouse is captured during gameplay and released in any menu, including the in-game options menu


foxpaww_v1_2_2.zip 91 MB
Apr 13, 2021

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