(v1.3.6) New "Adventure Mode" and "BreakOut Mode"

What's new in version 1.3.6?

New "Adventure Mode"

  • In this mode, the player needs to steer the ball to explore and avoid hazards
  • Includes non-breakout gameplay features
  • Including hazards, dangerous enemies, the "no paw" challenges and experimental gameplay
  • Recommended controller: the Dual Stick Gamepad

New "BreakOut Mode"

  • In this mode, the player only needs to control the paw paddle
  • Disables all non-breakout gameplay features
  • Automates ball steering for easier level exploration
  • The ball always returns to the paw paddle
  • Recommended controller: the Mouse

Gameplay improvements and quality of life features

  • Reverted tutorial level back to the original single screen level
  • Added animated gamepad control instructions
  • Moved options menu to gamepad start button
  • Increased the hedge opening size for easier exploration
  • Ability to select levels with the gamepad
  • Added level number at the start of the level

Some players did not enjoy the "No Paw" Challenge from the last update. So I reverted the tutorial level back to the original single screen level. I also removed the "No Paw" challenge entirely from the new "BreakOut Mode".

I hope this update will satisfy both players that enjoy the additional challenges with ball steering and players looking for a more traditional BreakOut-style game.


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Aug 20, 2021

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