Introducing new ball and paw transformation power-ups

Upgrade your ball and paw! Each rescued animal has a unique power-up.

In reviews and comments, players mentioned that they wanted power-ups in this game.

One reviewer mentioned the idea to change the ball power-ups based on different animals. I really loved that idea!

So now, whenever you rescue an animal, your paw and ball will transform into the species of the rescued animal. Each animal has a special ball power or paw power.

List of current power-ups are:

  • The rabbit ball multiplies when in full health, whenever picking up music notes.
  • The bunny ball moves and turns very fast and is immune to damage.
  • The cat paw swipes and damages obstacles, enemies and also removes spiky bushes.
  • The owl ball can fly over hedges and move freely across the entire level.
  • The panda ball destroys and moves through most obstacles without bouncing.

I might expand this list with additional animals and powers. I'm also looking into boss battles, a new tower game mode and new level themes such as ocean and space. I will keep updating this game with new content over time.

Meanwhile, I'll keep reading reviews and comments for new suggestions. Have fun! ^^

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Jul 23, 2021

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